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无论你如何消费新闻和其他内容, 隐私和数据保护是讨论的首要问题.

拥有超过24年的托管主机提供商经验, Liquid Web is a part of that conversation and stands firm in protecting the privacy of everyone that we work with, 无论是mg冰球突破官网的客户, 参与mg冰球突破官网的活动和营销, 或者访问mg冰球突破官网网站的人.

mg冰球突破官网每天都通过认证来证明mg冰球突破官网对隐私的承诺, 提供以隐私为中心的服务,并明确和公开mg冰球突破官网的 隐私惯例.

Liquid Web将继续坚持这一承诺,保持mg冰球突破官网的认证, providing you with more resources on privacy technologies and by engaging in conversations about this important topic whenever we can.

为什么Liquid Web关心隐私

人们在网上分享的数据比以往任何时候都多. 他们使用社交网络, 搜索引擎和移动设备, 经常分享数以十亿计的个人信息.

在液体网络, mg冰球突破官网理解客户对mg冰球突破官网的信任, 活动及市场参与者, 网站访问者, 当合作伙伴向mg冰球突破官网分享他们的个人信息时,他们也会向mg冰球突破官网施加压力.

mg冰球突破官网感激这种信任,并知道保持这种信任是mg冰球突破官网的职责. mg冰球突破官网关心隐私,因为这是一项基本人权, 尊重客户的隐私是mg冰球突破官网能够合作的原因.

mg冰球突破官网对隐私的承诺不仅延伸到mg冰球突破官网的客户, 也包括那些访问mg冰球突破官网的网站和参与mg冰球突破官网的活动和营销活动的人. 访问mg冰球突破官网网站的人向mg冰球突破官网提供他们的联系信息, 包括电子邮件地址, 这样他们就可以接收mg冰球突破官网的信息. Those that attend events or participate in our marketing campaigns give their information to us when they register for webinars, 订阅的材料, 或参加调查或竞赛.

如使用这样的工具, 平台, 和增加媒介, 有必要强调保护每个相关人员的隐私. Liquid Web很高兴能够站在这个越来越注重隐私的行业的最前沿. 虽然看到公司滥用人们的私人信息让mg冰球突破官网感到悲伤, we are also happy to see that more and more companies are producing technologies which allow for the protection of personal information. We protect the information of everyone who provides their data to us and will continue to do so as technology evolves.

复选标记 深入了解直接发送到你的收件箱的数据隐私. 订阅 mg冰球突破官网的每周通讯.

Liquid Web确保用户的隐私

Liquid Web如何确保用户的隐私


Liquid Web采取措施确保用户隐私的方法之一是实现 认证. We know that it takes time to build trust and that reviews of 隐私惯例 by third parties form the cornerstone of that trust. We work with industry standard organizations and trusted third party reviewers to bring you peace of mind that your privacy will be protected by Liquid Web.

在许多情况下, these 认证 require documentation that is easily accessible and accurate and require us to have clear policies around privacy and the usage of personal data. 让mg冰球突破官网来看看Liquid Web获得的一些具体认证.

EU-US隐私防护框架 & 瑞士-美国隐私屏蔽框架

美国商务部、欧盟委员会和瑞士政府设计了这一机制 欧盟-美国和瑞士-美国隐私保护框架. 的 purpose of these frameworks is to provide companies on both sides of the ocean a way to comply with 数据保护 requirements. 的 frameworks apply to the transfer of personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the United States.

Liquid Web complies with the EU-US and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks as they were set forth by the US Department of Commerce. mg冰球突破官网的收藏, 保留, and use of personal information transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to us in the United States follows the regulations. Liquid Web has certified to the US Department of Commerce that it adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles. 有兴趣的人可以了解更多关于Privacy Shield计划的信息, 并通过访问查看mg冰球突破官网的认证页面 这个链接.

HIPAA /高科技合规

医疗信息和记录是特别敏感的个人信息. We abide by the heightened requirements that are needed to ensure the protection and security of such data.

的 Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed into law in 1996 and provides security provisions and data privacy requirements that keep patient medical information secured. 的 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) is a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). 的 HITECH Act was created to motivate the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) and supporting technology in the United States. 作为ARRA的一部分,它于2009年2月17日签署成为法律.

一家独立审计公司证实mg冰球突破官网的数据中心和 托管专用mg冰球突破官网 解决方案符合 符合HIPAA的云托管 安全和隐私指引. mg冰球突破官网还会见了行政人员, 物理, 并依法采取必要的技术保障措施. mg冰球突破官网的 HIPAA /高科技的报告 可以在mg冰球突破官网的网站上公开找到吗.


的 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the EU Data Protection Directive (known as Directive 95/46/EC) and is a European privacy law. Strengthening data privacy and protection for individuals within the European Union (EU) is one of the main goals of the law. 法律规定,收集数据需要获得适当的同意, includes transparency requirements and affords EU residents certain rights with regard to their data. GDPR还管理欧盟以外欧盟居民的个人数据转移. 《mg冰球突破官网》于2018年5月25日生效. We have been diligently working on GDPR compliance since prior to its effective date and are proud to be able to protect the personal information of our friends overseas.

Liquid Web is compliant with the EU 数据保护 laws concerning the international transfer of data and the protection and usage of such data. mg冰球突破官网提供欧盟标准合同条款,以满足mg冰球突破官网欧盟客户的数据安全要求. mg冰球突破官网还有一份关于mg冰球突破官网遵守GDPR的报告,可以在这里查看: Liquid Web的GDPR报告.

支付卡行业数据安全标准(PCI DSS)

支付卡行业数据安全标准(PCI DSS)是一套安全标准. 它的设计是为了确保所有的公司接受, 过程, 商店, 或传输信用卡信息维持一个安全的环境. PCI DSS的规则适用于任何组织,无论事务的大小或数量.

Liquid Web提供了 符合规定的证明 在mg冰球突破官网的网站上公开发布的报告. 对于那些需要确保他们的环境满足PCI要求的客户, mg冰球突破官网也有 PCI扫描服务 可用.

Liquid Web保持着关注隐私的本质


Merely having the policies and 认证 in place does not equate to the type of privacy and security that we strive for. 这就是为什么mg冰球突破官网还决定提供服务,证实这些报告和程序. mg冰球突破官网知道,隐私不仅对mg冰球突破官网很重要,对mg冰球突破官网的客户也很重要. We have integrated features and offer solutions that align with our customers' laser focus on privacy.


越来越多的客户转向 SSL证书 (安全套接字层)确保他们的网站和网上交易的安全. ssl使用强加密,保护您的网站可能收集的任何敏感数据. 今天, 客户希望他们访问的每个网站都能提供安全的体验, 是什么提供了他们购买所需的信任和声誉. Liquid Web的托管WordPress和管理WooCommerce平台提供免费服务, 自动SSL证书在所有他们的域.

mg冰球突破官网的 全面管理主机 平台服务提供Let's Encrypt作为免费的、自动更新的SSL解决方案. 您还可以选择购买GlobalSign SSL证书. 的y are a universally trusted certificate provider that affords the flexibility customers need in SSL offerings.


一些最好的 管理硬件防火墙 可通过Liquid Web进行选择. A hardware firewall ensures business resiliency by acting as the first line of defense for protecting your servers from malicious Internet traffic. mg冰球突破官网的防火墙提供 实际保护程度 来自外界的攻击. 的y contain an operating system and operate independently of the servers they were designed to protect.

在流量到达mg冰球突破官网之前,防火墙会对其进行处理. 威胁在到达mg冰球突破官网之前就被消除了,不会影响mg冰球突破官网的性能. mg冰球突破官网的 adaptive network security solutions provide signature-based intrusion prevention that automatically blocks malware, 比如特洛伊木马, 蠕虫, 和间谍软件.


除了为每个站点提供自动SSL证书外,mg冰球突破官网的 WordPress管理平台 进一步提高安全性. mg冰球突破官网通过自动更新WordPress版本和插件来管理更新过程. 它减少了被入侵的机会, 这意味着你帮助你的客户确保他们客户的隐私.

mg冰球突破官网意识到插件更新有时会破坏你的网站. 考虑到这一点,mg冰球突破官网在一个单独的环境中测试插件,以确保兼容性. We push the plugins that pass testing live while you get notified of the ones that do not so that you can make proper updates.


mg冰球突破官网还提供 私有云 VMware和NetApp提供的解决方案. 它提供了传统公共云的所有优点, 性能, 以及专用硬件上的隔离基础设施的安全性. 每个单租户私有云解决方案都包含一个硬件防火墙, 负载均衡器, 以及专用的vCenter. 的 importance of this feature is that you get isolation for your infrastructure and safeguarding for your data.



有几个州已经 保护隐私 在美国先于联邦政府. 的 《mg冰球突破手机版下载》 是带头要求公司对其使用和保护消费者信息的方式负责吗. 中华公所将于一月一日起生效, 2020 and we are excited for the rights that it provides to consumers and are ready to provide our customers with these enhanced rights.

隐私技术领域的公司也是如此 收到资金 从投资公司. OneTrust和TrustArc, 等, 他们对隐私技术的贡献是否得到了大量投资. 随着这些趋势的发展,mg冰球突破官网可以毫无疑问地期待对隐私的关注将继续下去.

mg冰球突破官网即将迎来5G, 移动运营商也在争相建设自己的网络基础设施,以适应这一需求. A 新的挑战 面对这些提供商,以及他们,对隐私的担忧可能会增加. Companies and researchers are working to navigate the unique issues that are introduced by the advent of these new technologies and the concerns they bring.


在这个行业中,技术隐私的未来是不断变化的. Liquid Web很高兴能成为未来的一部分. mg冰球突破官网的客户、活动和市场参与者以及网站访问者可以信赖mg冰球突破官网:

  • 保持mg冰球突破官网的认证;
  • 继续重视隐私;
  • Continue providing 服务s that ensure security and privacy; and
  • 分享建议、技巧和 检查清单 关于隐私权的自由规定.

We are committed to being a part of the conversation on consumer privacy and invite everyone to join in as well. 如果你对mg冰球突破官网的隐私保护措施有任何疑问, mg冰球突破官网很乐意和你讨论一下, 所以请mg冰球突破官网 support@citylifefm.net.


Liquid Web配备了工具来提供帮助 数据保护 域和 合规援助 HIPAA、PCI或您系统中的漏洞.



Ron是Liquid Web的一名技术作家,与营销团队一起工作. 他有9年以上的技术经验. 他于2015年获得Prairie State College计算机科学副学士学位. He is happily married to his high school sweetheart and lives in Michigan with her and their children.


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