WHMCS + Liquid Web Plugin = A Complete 经销商 Solution

Manage Clients, Billing, and 支持 – All from One Interface

WHMCS是一个强大的, all-in-one solution designed to make it easy for anyone to sell web hosting and add-on 服务s. Using WHMCS you can package products, 服务s, and related add-ons. You can easily create custom offers with specific specs, or you can create user customizable packages. Using WHMCS means that you have a single easy-to-use interface for managing your hosting business. You'll be able to oversee every aspect of your business. Since WHMCS is built for automation it can handle everything from account provisioning, 计费和电子邮件. The icing on the cake is that we provide a free and open-source WHMCS plugin to provide complete automation. Once installed you can completely automate client creation, new orders and billing.

  • 一个完整的mg冰球突破手机版下载解决方案
  • 出售自定义计划、包和插件
  • 专业的账单和支付系统
  • 完整的域管理
  • 详细报告及统计数字

Liquid Web WHMCS插件

Our exclusive WHMCS plugin allows you to easily resell Liquid Web’s complete line of cloud servers.

新的VPS & Storm 专用的 deployments can be created and cancelled automatically - and even preconfigured.


Your customers can view their instance’s bandwidth and monitoring information from within the WHMCS client area.


Your customers can easily provision additional 服务s, 例如负载均衡器, and complete management tasks like reboots, 恢复, 和更多的.


Our VPS products perform better than Amazon, Rackspace, and DigitalOcean in CPU 性能 and Disk IOPS, 由《mg冰球突破官网》证实.


Customers that already have a VPS can add it to WHMCS, allowing for access to the same features as a newly provisioned VPS.

管理账单 & 支持

Manage your customers’ billing and support completely from a simple interface. Covering everything from signup to termination.


Add further value to your hosting business by configuring customizable instance sizes for customers.


Want to learn how to setup, install, and use our WHMCS plugin? Check out our helpful article series on our 知识库.



WHMCS is included at no extra charge for members of Liquid Web的转售商计划. Our resellers can use their free license alongside our plugin to offer even more packages to clients. Our resellers have access to our full range of products, and can even sell 云 VPS and 云 专用的 products

  • 出售强大的专用和云mg冰球突破官网
  • 销售最受欢迎的附加组件
  • 提供全面的安全
  • You 支持 Your Clients, We 支持 You – 24/7/365


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